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In this post we show you how to create a new word document in the word app, how to name and save it in the “right folder” and then open the same document.

Step 1 - Create a new document, save and name it

When you open the app, go to New

Then click Empty Document

Now you can start working in the document. However, keep in mind that the document is not saved and may disappear if you do not. So we make sure we do it.

Click the icon that looks like a document with three dots in it.

Then click the Save button

As you can see, this document is called Document. We will change that.

Know your document something that says something about what the document is all about. It will be difficult to find the documents you want later if you have 50 documents named Documents. I name my document Svenska portrait, because that is what I write about.

Now we'll save this in our OneDrive, so start by clicking on OneDrive.

Then click the folder in OneDrive that you want to save to. I have created folders for my topics and will therefore save my document in the English folder. As you see, you can create folders directly in word.

Once I have clicked to the correct folder, it's time to click Save.

Now you will return to your document, which is now called Svenska - portrait.

Once finished writing, always take the habit of NOT just closing the app, but clicking on the icon that looks like an arrow on the left.

Step 2 - Open a document

We start by opening the Word app and clicking Open.

We start by going to our hard drive in the cloud, that is, OneDrive

Click on the folder English, where I remember saving my document

and opens the document Swedish - portrait

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