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At Årstaskolan we use a system for web subscriptions called Jetpack. Below, I'll show you how to subscribe and give you some tips on how to troubleshoot if you have problems.


Step 1

Start by finding the subscription section on the blog you want to follow. It is located on the right side of the blog if you're on a computer and far down if you're on a mobile phone.

(1.) Enter your email address and double-check that you entered correctly and (2.) click on the 'Subscribe' button.

Once the page has finished loading, scroll down to the same location again to see how it went.

If it says' Done ', just open your email and confirm that you want to subscribe.

If you receive an error message, try again and make sure you have typed the correct address.

Step 2

Now it's time to check your mail. There will now be a confirmation letter from “Årstaskolan'. Open it. Open it. If you have not received an email, see at the bottom of this page under troubleshooting.

Click on the 'Confirm that you want to follow' button. Then it is ready.

Step 3 - Not mandatory

On the page that now opens in your browser, you can make some choices. (1.) announces that everything has gone well. In the drop-down menu at (2.) you can choose how often you want to receive mail.

'Instant' allows you to receive an email as soon as a post is published on the blog. 'Daily' and 'Weekly' collect the number of emails once a day or week.

Finally, press (3.) 'Save Changes'.

Step 4 - Not mandatory

If you click on the same page (1.) 'Settings' you can also select a (2.) time and/or day at any time you want to receive emails, if you chose the 'Daily' or 'Week' option.

Do not forget to (3.) save.


The most common problem reported is that you don't receive any emails. Here below are some tips.

Junk mail

Check that our emails do not get stuck in your spam folder. If it ended up there, choose to trust mail from us, it won't end up there in the future. It looks different depending on which email you have.

In the picture below you can see what it looks like in Gmail, where it can be in the Junk E-mail folder and the Campaigns tab.

The fact that the subscription emails end up in campaigns is because Google sees our emails as a campaign or advertising mailing.

If your email is in the Campaigns tab, you can (via Gmail on PC) drag the email from Campaigns and drag to Primary. Then you will be asked if you want all emails from us to end up in your Primary tab. Press Yes then, and it will work on future mail.

If you still don't make it work, please contact us.

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